Saturday, 18 October 2014

I Have A Fire Inside Me

You can't make me sick,
For which i throw my dick.
Why can't you pick it up?
I have a fire inside me to light me up,
It din't fire me up,
But it burned me up.
I was born without you,
I will die without you,
Then why can't i live without you?
I can,Can you?
I have done everything that i couldn't,
I have given everything that i shouldn't,
In fact I have nothing,nothing but the shattered dreams,
I want to scream at your fucking genes,
Things going faster than I expect,
I can't fight with this speeding time,
conditions turning out worser,
my life isn't going smoother,
I don't even want to bother,
I want to go away farther,
but I will never be a looser.

Can you imagine somebody in place of me?
Be like you used to be?
Do things you used to do?
Tell things you used to tell?
Can you face all these differences? Well!
I have defeated demons in hell
and came back here to tell you not to yell
at the simple things that had fell
off your hands like a freely falling bell.
Stick not to lost things as a gel,
instead smash them with a gavel,
move on and make a travel, 
into present and future as well.
Give me that one last 
chance to go into past
which don't even cost
you but it's the time that lasts
long for me in fact.
You know what you've caused, 
and I know what I've lost.
Don't have dealings with my inner feelings
coz sometimes somethings can turn into bad things.

Rhymes were not taught to me in my school,
the above used rhymes are neither to cool nor to fool 
you but I use them as my tool
to make a wooden stool
and get out of the pool
filled with shit which is full.
The past has passed and future has arrived.
Just be determined to the work with command.
Grab everything with demand
from heavenly god and
bang it on the faces of haters with both hands.

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